AMIBLU is a group of GRP enthusiasts who are incredibly determined to confront the global water crisis with modern, intelligent solutions. We aim to inspire people worldwide to value and protect clean water.

Our pipes provide reliable water and wastewater transportation. We work passionately on issues such as water safety, wastewater management, and the water-related needs of urbanization. Our pipes are designed for generations!

In our offering, you can find pipes produced using centrifugal casting (Hobas), continuous filament winding (Flowtite), and non-circular technology (NC line). Amiblu manufactures pressure pipes, non-pressure pipes, jacking pipes, non-circular pipes, connectors, and fittings. We are experts in GRP system solutions for sewage, rainwater, drinking water, irrigation, hydropower, and industrial applications.

Our decades-long, over half-century experience in GRP production and research prepares us for future challenges. With an accredited GRP pipe testing laboratory in Norway, our spirit of innovation is backed by a strong research and development foundation. Amiblu’s headquarters are located in Klagenfurt, Austria, and our production facilities are in Germany, Spain, Poland, and Romania, employing around 1500 people around the world.


DÖRKEN Delta has been known for 125 years for delivering high-quality products, service, and innovation. We provide professional roof membranes and system solutions for various applications. Our solutions in the field of roof membranes, facades, and green roofs protect individual components and entire buildings. With DELTA® products, you receive proven and technically tailored solutions for all applications. Our range includes roof membranes, accumulative drainage mats for use in green roofs/flat roofs, as well as applications in basements and facade protection. With us, you can create a modern and energy-efficient roof that will last for years. We offer solutions that are essential for contemporary construction.

DS Consulting

DS Consulting has been providing consulting services since 1996. It began its operations as a civil partnership, initially engaged in projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). DS Consulting played a pivotal role in developing unique solutions for the public sector in the fields of financial management, investment planning, and regulation in the water and sewage sector.

Operating under the name DS Consulting sp. z o.o. since 1998, the company expanded its range of competencies to include new services and areas of activity. Among these are pre-feasibility studies for large infrastructure projects, advisory services for public-private partnership transactions, reverse financing, waste management, public aid, revitalization, and maritime economy.

In 2013, within the DS Consulting group, DS Lex was established as an affiliated law firm. DS Lex’s activities also revolve around issues related to the functioning of public sector entities. This expansion added a wide range of services related to legal and institutional consulting, including European Union law, to the company’s offerings.


ECOL-UNICON is a Polish manufacturer of water protection equipment and solutions, including retention tanks, pumping stations, pumps, separators, settling tanks, and BIOFIT sewage treatment plants. They also offer intelligent solutions for water and water-utility management, along with service and execution services in the water and sewage sector.

Their mission is clear: They act without compromise in the interest of the environment. Thousands of efficiently operating devices, professional engineering projects, and intelligent management of rainwater, sanitary, and water supply networks lead to tangible ecological results. They believe they can contribute to the improvement of the natural environment every day. This is not an empty promise – they undertake various initiatives aimed at improving water quality in Poland and retaining rainwater.

Over 27 years, they have installed approximately 11,000 sewage pumping stations and pumping stations, built 600 retention tanks, delivered over 30,000 oil separator devices, and 450 sewage treatment plants. ECOL-UNICON is a genuinely eco-friendly company, offering a full range of products necessary for designing water and sewage installations. Their values include passion, development, responsibility, partnership, and perseverance. Their role goes beyond achieving business goals; it’s the Art of Water Protection.

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Grundfos is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pump technology for various applications. We share our experience, backed by a wide range of references from Poland, Europe, and around the world. We provide support in conducting analyses, developing concepts, and designing infrastructure projects related to water and sewage, including but not limited to flood control systems, drainage systems, wastewater treatment plant equipment, water and sewage networks, submersible pumps, and process pumps.

We are leaders in the field of pump facility analyses, audits, and comprehensive monitoring of extensive and complex systems such as water supply networks, sewage networks, and a new addition – monitoring in open channels such as rivers and other watercourses.

Our range of services also includes comprehensive consulting and installation and servicing of equipment and entire pump systems.


HAURATON is a global brand present in over 70 countries with extensive experience in rainwater management dating back to 1956. Comprehensive rainwater management is more critical than ever today. Increasing awareness of the significance of rainwater as a resource highlights the need for its effective recovery and return to the natural cycle.

In situations where this is not possible, HAURATON offers solutions that effectively collect and drain rainwater, thereby preventing flooding and overloading sewage networks. Intense rainfall, heavy traffic, and water pollution, which are harmful to the environment and human health, are just some of the challenges associated with rainwater management.

HAURATON’s product range is rich and addresses the need for efficient and safe rainwater management at every stage – from collection and purification to retention and discharge into the ground or the sewage system. They provide support in selecting the appropriate system, develop special solutions, plan, and calculate. They offer guidance not only in choosing systems but also in creating technical specifications and implementing projects.

Meva Pol

MEVA-POL has established itself as a reliable business partner over its 20 years in the market. We specialize in providing equipment for mechanical wastewater treatment, water purification, and water and sewage infrastructure.

We collaborate with general contractors for projects in the broader field of environmental engineering and also work directly with end-users of these facilities, such as Water and Sewage Companies and Municipal Utilities, among others.

With extensive experience in equipment selection and installation, our track record includes a long list of references from successfully installed equipment and satisfied customers. We have our own service team that handles the installation of the equipment we supply, conducts commissioning, and offers warranty and post-warranty services. We offer cost-effective solutions for operation, with low power consumption, minimal consumables usage, and minimal water flush requirements. The lifespan of our equipment is measured in decades.

Meva Pol
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Uponor is a leading international provider of systems and solutions for use in construction and external networks. Our systems for delivering safe drinking water, energy-efficient temperature control in buildings, and reliable infrastructure set industry standards. We focus on sustainable development, passionately developing new technologies and delivering systems that make daily life easier. This is how we build trust.

Our extensive experience in the industry leads to the following conclusions: water installation and temperature control in buildings are integral parts of everyday life. This applies to heating, the circulation of drinking water, ventilation, domestic wastewater systems, as well as local sewage treatment plants.

Knowledge and dedication are our most important assets, allowing us to develop and improve our systems and our customers’ projects. We provide expert advice to designers, installers, architects, consultants, retailers, and developers. We are a reliable partner for them, offering high-quality solutions for use in construction, temperature control systems, underfloor heating, and external urban networks.


RETENCJAPL offers flow regulators and meteorological-hydrological products in its portfolio. Our flow regulators are characterized by high quality, corrosion resistance, and a long service life. What’s more, they can be quickly and easily selected using the selection calculator on the WaterFolder platform. We are the exclusive distributor in Poland for the renowned company OTT Hydromet, which supplies rain gauges, disdrometers, and devices for measuring water level, flow, and quality. Our products are individually tailored to your needs. We provide support and consultations at every stage of your order, from technical advice to comprehensive assistance in selecting specialized equipment. We invite you to explore our detailed offer, where you will find eight types of flow regulators – cone, vertical, and flow regulators.

RETENCJAPL is a leading consultant in the field of rainwater management.


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Veolia Group in Poland strives to become an exemplary company in the field of ecological transformation. For over 25 years, it has been a trusted partner to cities and industries throughout the country. Drawing on knowledge and experience, it offers innovative services tailored to the needs of its customers. By investing in the expansion and modernization of its production and distribution infrastructure, as well as expanding its activities in efficient energy management, water and wastewater management, and waste management, Veolia ensures the highest quality of services. Aligning with the circular economy model, it develops and implements economically efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, contributing to the sustainable development of cities and industries.

Veolia Group in Poland employs 4,500 individuals whose mission is to renew the world’s resources. The company operates in 123 locations, managing district heating networks in 59 cities. It operates through operational companies: Veolia Energia Polska (holding), Veolia Energia Warszawa, Veolia Energia Łódź, Veolia Energia Poznań, Veolia term, Veolia Energy Contracting Poland, Veolia Industry Polska, Veolia EKOZEC, Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Tarnowskich Górach, and their subsidiaries.

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Wavin is an international provider of innovative products for the global construction and infrastructure industry. The company is a recognized manufacturer of sustainable hydraulic products and solutions, sewer systems, roof drainage systems, and stormwater management, as well as heating, cooling, and mechanical ventilation systems. Wavin’s products and solutions are primarily used in large urban centers, various types of buildings, and public facilities such as stadiums, schools, and hospitals. Wavin’s products are used in both residential and commercial construction, as well as for road infrastructure. Wavin systems are related to the safe delivery of water, helping to create a healthy and sustainable living environment, especially in cities.

Wavin is part of the Orbia group, within which it operates and focuses on common goals: increasing social well-being, providing solutions for health preservation, preparing cities for future challenges, modernizing construction, supporting water supply, and accelerating the transition to a circular economy through basic and advanced materials, specialized products, and innovative solutions.