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The retention tank and retention-infiltration tank selection calculator has been developed in collaboration with TORMEL Sp. z o.o. This tool enables the quick selection of an appropriate tank in accordance with DWA-A-117 and DWA-A-138 guidelines. Depending on the terrain conditions designated for the tank, the area from which rainwater is collected, and the type of soil, the user receives a selection of tank options. By allowing the choice of different rainfall models (PANDa, Bogdanowicz and Stachy, Suligowski, and Błaszczyk), the user can compare calculation results for various tanks.

The calculator allows for the quick design and adaptation of the type of retention tank to specific needs and the size of the plot/area available to the investor in simple steps. It includes useful information for planning construction, such as tank dimensions, construction details, and estimated implementation costs. After the tank selection is made, the system generates a file containing the above information.

Open tanks selection calculator
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