Green roof
selection calculator

The green roof selection calculator was created in cooperation with the leading company Dorken DELTA. The calculator gives us a complete selection of a green roof in a few minutes along with a set of required documents and a ready specification of solutions with a description and the possibility of direct attachment to the construction project. Greening the roof over the garage, shed or residential house with the possibility of using it as a terrace – such a choice is created by green roofs. The application is aimed at architects and designers involved in planning green roof solutions and rainwater management. In a few simple steps, the calculator allows you to design a green roof layout depending on the required rainwater retention or thickness. The designer receives a clear report with a graphical representation of layers and technical data (amount of accumulated rainwater, surface runoff limitation, weight of the system, thickness of layers). For extensive and intensive green roofs in inverted and classic layout. In addition, solutions for usable roofs, pedestrian communication, roadways and fire protection. Technical data sheets and required certificates for the materials used are available in the application.