Infiltration system
selection calculator

The infiltration system selection calculator was created in cooperation with Wavin Polska. It allows the selection of infiltration tanks and horizontal infiltration pipes based on the DWA-A-138 guidelines. Depending on the surface of the area from which rainwater is collected and the type of soil, you receive the selection of an optimized infiltration system based on the adopted model of rain distribution. This means that the system is selected for the most critical parameters provided for given conditions. Thanks to the introduction of several precipitation models, it is possible to compare the results according to the PANDA, Bogdanowicz and Stach, Suligowski, Błaszczyk models or to specify a specific rainfall intensity and its duration. As a result, you receive a report with the tank data: its size, water capacity and construction. You can also download dwg drawings. and other materials related to infiltration systems.

Infiltration system selection calculator
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