Pump station
selection calculator

The calculator used to select pumping stations was developed in cooperation with Ecol-Unicon. After entering the investment data, the user is able to choose the optimal solution in just 4 steps without having to wait for feedback. The selection is done automatically after entering the appropriate parameters. After entering all the data correctly, the user receives a proposal for three pumping stations. They have the parameters closest to those introduced in the previous steps. The program has implemented security measures that prevent the creation of a project. If the user enters grossly incorrect information, a hint will appear on what elements should be paid attention to during corrections. The tool also presents information on the type of pump, power, size and throughput of the installation. The calculator allows you to generate the calculation result in pdf form. and downloading the document to an external drive. It is a complete document containing all the necessary information necessary to undertake the investment. Thanks to this, the document can be attached to the inquiry addressed to contractors who are competent to build the facility.

Pump station selection calculator
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