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canal renovation methods

The selection calculator for liner methods in gravity sewer renovation was developed in collaboration with the leading manufacturer of these materials, POliner Sp. z o.o. This tool supports designers and investors planning the renovation of gravity sewer pipes using the most popular trenchless technology – CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe), for sanitary, stormwater, and combined sewers, with circular and egg-shaped cross-sections.

The calculator allows for the estimation of the required thicknesses of felt and fiberglass liners in a few simple steps, based on the technical condition of the canal, its depth, and the groundwater level. The calculator also shows the differences in liner thicknesses according to the criterion of circumferential stiffness and DWA guidelines.

Another advantage of the calculator is its ability to show estimated hydraulic gains from the renovation – an increase in the canal’s capacity, allowing for the connection of additional users or the drainage of additional areas.

Canal renovation methods selection calculator
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